I have always had trouble getting rid of academic notebooks, notes and (especially graded) assignments. Knowing that I can’t and won’t remember all I’ve learned, it seems like a shame to get rid of some knowledge or information by simply… discarding… it. This does have the unfortunate result, however, that there are countless of piles of documents, notebooks and folders that take up more space at my home, at my parents’ and in our attic than I’d like to admit.

Trying to turn this potential negative into a positive, I will use this space and this website to share the databases I’ve started to create with you. These will mostly relate to the science and theories of politics, communication and argumentation, but also constitute overviews of (social scientific research methods).

Please find the beginnings of the following two databases at the links below, bearing in mind that they are continuously being updated and that feedback is ever so welcome:

  • I: Political Theory
  • II: Research Methods