The PhD and sacrifice

We all have to make sacrifices, be it to afford a new car or to meet a goal long sought-after. Two and a half years in, I realise that the major sacrifice that I have had to make is that of free time and, to an extent, freedom.

To afford my PhD programme – and the 4 years of living here – I have had to work on the side. Nothing major, nothing much, but just to make ends meet. One of my side-gigs involves volunteering as a resident (or hall) tutor for the University and it is especially this job that signals the main issue with having to juggle a PhD and commitments on the side:

our work never ends.

It may start at the office, but it continues at home. We are asked to perform, and perform well, wherever we are. We receive evaluations at University, but also evaluations at home, be it from a Hall warden, our students that happen to live at the same place (help!), partners or family members.

Luckily, gigs are only temporary and can easily be let go off. Partners and family, hopefully, less so. I have therefore grown to have immense respect for peers who have to manage a wide range of responsibilities at home. Take care.

Happy holidays!

I hereby would like to wish everyone happy holidays!

Best wishes, Merry Christmas and happy holidays! – Esmeralda

After somewhat of a hiatus I have finally managed to create a fresh (and much improved) look for this blog. I spent much of my time this year getting more familiar with Twitter and Instagram, but now that that is out of the way, I am more than excited to return to this space! See you in 2019!

Research Data Impact Fellow

I am delighted to share that starting this month I will be taking up a 2-year fellowship with the UK Data Service as a Data Impact Fellow.  This fellowship programme helps a number of researchers who are using UK Data Service data with making an impact by supporting public engagement activities.

A blog post summarising my research project as well as my plans can be found here, on the Data Impact Blog.

Let’s impact!

The value of context-specific communication and interdisciplinarity

In my spare time I sometimes work for a foundation. This foundation wants to communicate academic research in the fields of marketing, PR, advertising, etcetera, to practitioners. Think about marketeers, business owners, PR specialists…

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Social Media and Social Cohesion (Seminar)

A little bit over two weeks ago I attended a week-long seminar – sponsored by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW, name dating to 1851 but founded by Louis Bonaparte in 1808) and the Hendrik Muller Fonds – about social media and social cohesion in Amsterdam, in the beautiful Trippenhuis (a Dutch heritage site and former museum, once housing Rembrandt’s ‘The Nightwatch’).  Continue reading “Social Media and Social Cohesion (Seminar)”